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Moving into the next-age of Enterprise-Class Technology?

Each of our Global Solutions Architects are technical experts with more than 20 years of hands-on experience in their respective fields. They'll work with you to define requirements and objectives and develop a comprehensive set of planning, test/validation, migration and deployment strategies to maximize the return on your data center investments.

Global Solutions Architects team provides:



  Veteran consultants with extensive technology and industry expertise to help you plan and design IT infrastructures, networks and cloud migrations with minimal risks.

  An extension to your IT and technology organizations, with skills in network design and operations, large-scale cloud deployment, facility operations, enterprise architectures and business analytics.

  High-performance and efficient technology and industry-based virtualized and digital IT implementations that will allow you to maximize your return on investment (ROI) and future-proof your investment in digitalizing your business.

Turn to technology and industry professionals that can help you expand your resources to make the right strategic technology decisions for your business.

Future-proof your IT strategy



GSA team focuses on bridging the next-generation data center, network and cloud/IT infrastructures together while giving you the greatest return on your investment and providing virtual CTO/CIO capabilities that are unmatched in the industry. Our GSAs will help you evaluate IT, networking and cloud solutions that best match your application workload and business budget.

Make the right choices

Global Solutions Architects are trusted advisors for helping you make the right IT infrastructure, networking and cloud service provider choices. SynerTech GSAs will help you develop the agility you need to scale your businesses and the performance you need to stay ahead of the competition—all while managing costs.

As an extension of your IT and technology teams, our GSAs will help any size business or organization find the right answers to IT issues, avoiding missteps and do-overs that can delay important system, application, network and cloud deployments. And our GSAs will ensure your project and strategic roadmaps are executed, regardless of the region or geography.​

Develop a clear PLAN


GSAs work hand-in-hand with you in our solutions workshops to lay out requirements and objectives, ensuring you arrive at a comprehensive set of deployment recommendations. Our solutions workshops target four areas for measurable infrastructure improvements: data center, network, cloud/IT services, and disaster recovery and business continuity.


At the workshops, our GSAs will help you map out a clear path to:


  Evaluate and establish technology roadmap focused on cloud strategy, WAN optimization and application performance.

  Optimizing your data center infrastructure.

  Boosting network and application performance

  Improving service availability and continuity of operations.

  Building private, public and hybrid cloud solutions.

  Lowering overhead and operational costs.


  Developing a criteria to meet other critical business needs such as vendor selection for IT, network or cloud services.

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