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Beware Of New Holiday Package Scam

With Christmas only a couple days away, you’re probably scrambling to get those last-minute gifts. If you’re like me, you’re probably checking your email for a shipping and delivery notifications to ensure everything arrives on time. However, this may lead you straight into the latest phishing scam if you aren’t careful.

The latest scam involves phishing emails designed to mimic shipping updates which include links to malicious sites. If the user clicks on a link, it may infect their computer with malware or ransomware, or prompt them to enter credit card information to ensure their shipment arrives. According to USA Today, some common phishing email subject lines include:

  • We could not deliver your parcel

  • Please confirm your DHL Shipment

  • Problems with item delivery

  • Your order is ready to be delivered

Unfortunately, these all sound common and innocent enough.

However, Amazon offers some tips and best practices when it comes to internet scams. Just like Old Saint Nick, it’s important to check it twice (at least) before opening any email that may seem suspicious.

Lucky for you, we have a few tips on how you can spot a phishing email. In addition, check out our Essential Cybersecurity Toolkit to brush up on the latest information on all things cybersecurity.

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