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Direct Cloud Connection for Businesses.

Cloud services are being quickly adopted worldwide, but concerns about them linger. People worry cloud services mean more expense with less reliability, control and security. The Cloud Exchange brings together cloud service providers and companies, enabling them to establish affordable, private, high-performance connections.

CloudExchange to MultiCloud with Direct interconnection to 40+ Providers.

Cloud Exchange is an advanced interconnection service that enables private virtual connections for direct cloud access with automated provisioning.

Key features of the Cloud Exchange include:

  • On-demand cloud connection automation—our portal and APIs simplify the process of managing connections to multiple cloud services

  • One port, many connections—Equinix is home to more than 2,500 cloud & IT services providers, and the number is growing. As more join the Cloud Exchange, service providers and users can connect to more participants over a single physical port.

  • Global reach—the data centers that host the Cloud Exchange are found in 20+ top-tier markets globally.

  • Secure, high-performance direct connections—direct connections within the data center are more secure and reliable and have lower latency than public internet connections.

What Cloud Exchange can do for you?

Cloud Exchange can extend your market reach and increase the privacy, performance and reliability of your cloud service connections, while simplifying interactions with cloud service providers.


  • Increase speed to multicloud—automated, near-real-time provisioning to multiple cloud service providers.

  • Improve performance—improve cloud application performance by connecting directly to cloud service providers.

  • Increase security—build a more secure application environment by deploying applications within your data center’s local area network.

  • Reduce cost—lower your total cost of private network connectivity to cloud service providers

Network Service Providers

  • Create customer value—aggregate cloud service providers for private cloud connectivity, increasing the value of private network services.

  • Simplify operations—offer a streamlined network interconnection facility, saving capital expense.

  • Reduce complexity—establish standardized business processes, saving operational expense.

  • Improve time to market—speed time to market with easily accessible cloud services, reducing development costs

Cloud Service Providers

  • Expand market reach—aggregate private network service providers, increasing enterprise market reach.

  • Automate provisioning—offer streamlined, automated network interconnection, saving capital expense.

  • Reduce complexity—establish standardized business processes, saving operational expense.

Cloud Connection Automation

The Cloud Exchange advanced interconnection capabilities make it easier to manage connections to multiple cloud services, while removing concerns about security, performance, reliability and vendor lock-in. Customers use the Cloud Exchange Portal or API to create, monitor and modify connections in near real time. The provisioning of connections is automated end-to-end, from the Cloud Exchange to the cloud service provider. That saves time and reduces operational complexity.

Our solution

The solution is a fundamental service for consuming cloud services. We provide efficient, flexible and cost-effective storage solutions for hybrid cloud environments that ensure availability and improve business responsiveness. Our Customers deploying a storage solution as colocation in our physical space with Equinix International Business Exchange (IBX®) data centers to be able to locate reliable, scalable storage right next to the cloud. It’s a costeffective hybrid solution that provides all the cost and agility benefits of public cloud combined with the availability, security and compliance of their data on private enterprise storage.

Why the Solution with SynerTech Cloud and Equinix?

  • Deep expertise in operating global exchange platforms—Equinix delivers more than 230,000 cross connects among its 8,500 customers.

  • Global Reach—SynerTech Cloud expands your market reach with more than 150 data centers in 41 major metro areas across 21 countries.

  • Equinix hosts 2,500+ cloud & IT service providers—as enterprises increasingly adopt cloud services, Equinix is a logical place to connect to them.

  • Equinix connects 1,400+ network service providers—enterprises and cloud service providers can choose from a wide range of vendors to provide a range of network services.

  • Industry-leading operational expertise and scale—$13.5B+ invested in data center platforms since 1998.

  • Moving to cloud is easier than ever—Equinix Professional Services provides expert consulting services such as assessment, architecture and implementation including complete setup and configuration necessary to activate your connection to the cloud.

Cloud Exchange availability

Cloud Exchange is available in 20+ markets globally.

Organizations that use this solution will benefit from the synergies of services that maximize the benefits of both centralized and decentralized models with hybrid cloud and edge.

For more Information or find out how your business can benefit please do not hesitate in reach us.

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