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How to Build a Top-Notch Remote Workforce

The age of the remote workforce has arrived.

While the growing popularity of telecommuting may present new challenges for your operation, it also opens opportunities to get the best talent for the job without being limited by physical location. But How to successfully transition to this work environment and how to offer the best cybersecurity best practices?

We reveal Cybersecurity tips for staff working remotely and The best practices to work from home.

20% of remote workers say their biggest challenge is collaboration and communication, and 20% say it is loneliness


Establish a dedicated, quiet area of your home as your workspace. Doing so can help you define boundaries for when you’re working and when you’re off-duty at home, and it can help you get into the rhythm of work each day by stepping into your “office.”


For conference calls, encourage the use of muting when not speaking and be sure to announce yourself and speak clearly. Video meetings are the best way to connect and collaborate remotely but can offer distractions — try to keep your room well-lit and look at the camera while speaking. It can be tempting to multi-task durin