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Reaching Multicloud High Availability BC/DR

Multicloud high availability (HA) can help protect your enterprise’s valuable application and data assets against costly system and power outages and ensure business continuity (BC) and disaster recovery (DR). But how do you best protect against planned and unplanned downtime for both on-premises and cloud infrastructures? Because there are so many choices of HA scenarios using multicloud architectures, the answer is “It depends.” Let’s look this video, then at a few of the more common use cases.

Leverage private interconnection to the cloud

I’ll be focusing on three different levels of high availability in the cloud in this article: data-to-data, application-to-application and cloud-to-cloud. But first, let’s look at how private interconnection plays a critical role in ensuring the direct and secure connectivity to cloud services. Dedicated, private interconnection between on-premises or colocated IT infrastructures and public clouds are available from practically every leading public cloud provider, including:

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Direct Connect

Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute (also supports Azure Stack and Office 365)

Google Cloud Partner Interconnect (also supports Google G Suite)