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SynerTechCloud Direct Connect

Miami. FL USA - July 1st, 2020 - SynerTechCloud, the premier service provider of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solutions for Companies worldwide. “Cloud” data center in the Southeast, announced that it is now offering direct connectivity to leading public cloud providers via Megaport, a global leading Network as a Service (“NaaS”) provider.

SynerTechCloud’s new service, branded SynerTechCloud Direct Connect, is a Megaport Connected Service that enables SynerTechCloud customers to easily access leading public cloud providers in a direct and on-demand fashion.

Many organizations are now taking a hybrid cloud approach to data processing and compute power functions – keeping some applications in a private cloud data center environment like SynerTechCloud while also utilizing the public cloud for the flexible front-end, distributed workloads apps, and A.I functions.

Our collaboration with Megaport allows these organizations to simplify their connectivity to the cloud to consume the services they need on a pay as you go basis. It is easy to scale bandwidth up or down, giving customers much more flexibility for seasonality, responding to demand-based initiatives, or as their business requires to improvise customer experience – without making any significant equipment investments.

SynerTechCloud’s new service offering, SynerTechCloud Direct Connect, establishes a dedicated network link between a customer’s corporate offices and the SynerTechCloud data centers and connects directly to the public cloud provider of choice via Megaport’s global Software Defined Network. Customers can either keep the link simple or create segmentation using VLANs and standard 802.1q trunking to maintain logical separation between public and private cloud resources.