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The Cloud for Latin America

Digital transformation is sweeping the globe, presenting new opportunities for emerging markets, and Latin America (LATAM) is one of the rising stars.

While it’s still one of the smallest regions in the digital economy, it’s also one of the fastest growing. Since 2008, internet usage has grown from less than one quarter of the population to over 62% on average, and LATAM is projected to have the largest growth rate in private Interconnection Bandwidth between now and 2021.ii Other signs that LATAM is on the digital fast track include major investment in the region by players such as Netflix, Amazon, Google and Apple.

PayPal also recently invested $750 million in Argentina-based MercadoLibre, the eighth largest online marketplace in the world.

LATAM cloud adoption just getting started

With all these indicators of rapid growth, it’s easy to assume that cloud adoption in LATAM is well underway, however, that is not necessarily the case.

LATAM enterprises looking to move to the cloud need to understand the landscape to do it right. Nearshore Americas Research recently spoke with three leading cloud consultancy companies operating in LATAM, and they had this to say:

“The region is expanding and still little behind in adoption – aproximatly 15% of the region’s workloads have migrated to the cloud” – Andres Hurtado Rangel, CEO of SynerTech Solutions.

“The cloud market in Mexico and LATAM is extensively behind compared to other international markets.” – Alfonso Valdés, Founder and CTO of ClickIT Smart Technologies in Mexico.

“There is still a lot of knowledge missing about what the platform can do and [we have to] assume a more evangelizing role about the solution in this part of the world.” – Rodrigo